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Just as the term implies “web design” makes reference to the talents and methodologies used so as to build a web presence. This is a complicated process that needs in depth understanding and experience, and there are a few different areas of website design : Graphic design, branding, development (coding), user experience design, interface design and then the marketing stages are SEO, PPC and email. Here you’ll find out more info about visual design, off-the-shelf programs, coding languages, internet marketing and SEO.


Visual Design


Visual design is creative, and it generally involves a client and a designer who work in partnership through several stages of presentation and feedback. HTML ( Hypertext Markup Language ) is the most significant markup language utilized for rendering internet pages. HTML elements that are the functional blocks, and CSS (cascading style sheets) are the graphical blocks which together make up the website. To better explain imagine the HTML tell the browser where to display something, and CSS lets the browser know how to style it.

This style sheet language is extremely common and it can be applied to nearly any document, from HTML and XHTML to XUL, SVG and XML. The goal of cascading style sheets is to differentiate between the document content and the document style. The aim of CSS is to make the site content more flexible, more accessible and to reduce repetition in the structural content to speed up page load times. Additionally , this language can also prepare a webpage for any rendering strategy : it will make the content better to display on a screen reader, or on tactile or Braille-based devices.


Static Vs. CMS Vs. eCommerce Websites


Static or brochure websites are HTML documents that are sent to the user precisely as stored & designed. A static web site shows the same kind of info to all users, and the key drawback of these sites is that any interactiveness or customization process must be on the customer side, and this is restrictive when making changes to content with out some technical ability. However they’re extremely inexpensive to deploy as no databases or advanced coding is necessary. If your website won’t change that much, they are a good option. Most web designers will be proficient in brochure design as the skill is often learnt first.

CMS (content management systems) are perfect if you need to make regular changes to content, images or any other relevant aspect of your site. A CMS gives users defined roles, such as editor, admen or writer to perform different tasks with in your company or origination. Its a very flexible solution that lets people with no technical knowledge run and mange a scalable and dynamic website. We have hundreds of CMS web designers to choose from, fill in our fast form to be connected now!

eCommerce platforms will vary wily depending on the clients requirements, but the most common form is the e-shop. This amazon style platform will let non technical users add a vast amount of products, all with different shipping rates, payment methods, variable options and much much more with great ease. It integrates a content management system with a payment gateway that is fully optimized for online trade and can be customized with almost no limits. Most eCommerce website designers will be able to offer a wide range off customizations and options for you to select prior to the build.

Any of these platforms be custom built or use off the shelf programs, further explained bellow. Compare the best web design rates here


Off-The-Shelf Programs Versus Custom Build Programs


You can select between an off-the shelf program, which have the basic elements already coded but can be simply individualized and customized, and full or part custom builds, which are tailored made to meet more demanding requirements of the website owner.

WordPress and Magento are 2 of the most known and most well-liked off-the-shelf programs, and they’re utilized by many millions of people across the world.

WordPress is an open-source blog system that is built upon MySQL and PHP and permits users to post content and simply manage the display of the page after design phase, it permits you to customize your site using diverse add-ons and templates and let you earn money via various forms of monetization techniques like adsence, affiliate offers and banner ads. What makes WordPress so popular is widely supported, trusted by Google and has 1000′s of extensions that can be installed easily. WordPress web design companies will be able to get you up and running in no time.

Magento is an open-source online application designed for eCommerce. The program was released back in 2008, and it’s source code is available free ( making is far less expensive to build and customize a web store ) – this is the reason why it is employed by over 130,000 sites and online shops globally. The source code will still need to be installed and customized by a professional because it’s an extremely complicated piece of software with over 12,000 files to install, even standard non magento web designers will usually outsource the setup to a magento specialist. Magento web designers will can provide all the functionality you would expect from a eCommerce store at drastically reduced rates.

Custom builds or bespoke websites however use little or no stock code, and are built from the ground up exactly following the clients requirements, these types of sites are the big business weapons of choice, think facebook, eBay, amazon etc. These were all custom builds as clearly no existing frameworks were available at the time.


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SEO, PPC And Marketing


SEO (acronym which stands for “Search Engine Optimization”) is a process that aims to optimize both websites and website content in order to improve website ranking. SEO involves a series of complex tasks, such as keyword optimizing, link building, social media promotion, article marketing and such. All these activities aim to increase web traffic as well as increase the visibility of a website. The reason why SEO plays a pivotal role nowadays is that a website is worthless without visitors, and Google uses complex algorithms to determine the relevance of a website in report to a particular keyword – this is where SEO steps in and makes Google display a certain website in front of other websites from the same niche, whenever a user launches a query in the search engine. PPC (Pay-per-click) is an online advertising tool that has become extremely popular over the past several years. This tool is especially designed to direct traffic to websites, to increase brand awareness and to boost sales.


The mechanism is very simple: advertisers simply bid on keyword phrases that are relevant to their target market and to their website niche. This is an affiliate model that provides purchase opportunities and offers financial incentives in the form of commission. In other words, website owners use PPC on their website and they will receive a particular commission whenever somebody clicks the ads. Online marketing is a highly popular practice that refers to advertising products and services in the online environment. This form of Internet advertising involves the use of rich media ads, social network advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization banner ads, e-mail marketing, advertising networks and such. Online advertising has become even more efficient than offline advertising, given the fact that Internet ads are displayed to millions of people worldwide, on a 24/7 hour basis.


Conversion Optimization


Conversion optimization (or Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO) is a practice that aims to increase website traffic and converting the prospects into customers using responsive design. The concept appeared when the eCommerce Internet marketers tried to find a way to boost sales and increase the number of loyal customers. Boosting sales in a saturated market can be a daunting task – this is where conversion optimization steps in and turns website visitors into customers, quickly and efficiently. There are several factors that influence the success of the conversion optimization, such as website design, layouts or the use of images and other media files. Conversion optimization is directly linked to the online marketing response rate, which fluctuates from one hour to another – this practice aims to increase website leads and sales without spending a small fortune on advertising. Conversion optimization aims to reduce the visitor bounce rate, and marketers usually monitor the headlines, the images and the type of content that makes a visitor spend more time on a website. Some of the most important aspects of CRO are data collecting and processing, setting optimization goals and making decisions in real-time. Compare quotes from professional responsive web designers here.


Types Of Web Hosting And How To Choose The Best Web Hosting Service


High-quality web hosting services are essential for every website owner – to put it simple, web hosting is what allows people to make their websites visible in the online environment. Web hosting companies provide space on a server along with Internet connectivity. There are several different types of hosting available at the moment:

Shared hosting: in this situation, a website is located on the same server as various other websites (sometimes thousands of them). Generally speaking, domains may share the same RAM and CPU, and the features provided by the shared hosting services are usually basic and non-flexible with regards to software updates;

Dedicated hosting: In the case of dedicated hosting, the user gets his personal Internet server and has full access and control over the server. Nonetheless, the user does not own the server, generally speaking. Two relevant examples of dedicated hosting services are unmanaged or self-managed servers, where the unmanaged servers are considerably more affordable for dedicated plans. In this situation, the user has full access to the server – in other words, the client is the only one who is responsible for the maintenance and security of the dedicated server;

VPS: a virtual private server is offered by an Internet hosting service. Despite the fact that a VPS runs in software on the same PC as other customers’, it works exactly like a server located on a different physical computer. A VPS is especially designed to meet the individual needs of every customer, it provides privacy and safety and it can be configured to run server software without the hassles.

There are several aspects to take into consideration when choosing a Web hosting service. For example, the reputation of the company plays a pivotal role: the more reputable a company is, the more it will struggle to provide irreproachable services. Moreover, the customer care services are also highly important, as the web hosting company should provide 24/7 professional customer care. The downtime should not be neglected either: the webmaster should look for hosting companies that grant little to no downtime, as this can affect the rating and the traffic of a website.


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A Closer Look At Programming Languages


The web is primarily formed of 2 programming languages with other additional and variant versions making up the rest. The main 2 are PHP and its derivatives, and .NET. The core difference is PHP is code level and open source while .NET is a complied language and is a paid for framework. You will find most non custom websites will use PHP with additional help form j Query and Javascript. The difference between a programming language and HTML and CSS which I mentioned before is functionality. HTML can only really tell a browser where to display various elements, where as PHP can perform calculations and add data to a database for future retrieval and processing. These 2 extra layers essentially mean they can do anything required given enough skill and experience. There are also a great deal of other technologies but tend to be for specific demands, these include flash, ajax and others.


How To Choose The Best Company?


Choosing the most suitable web design company is certainly not an easy task, given the high number of similar companies available on the Internet. However, a comparison service certainly comes in handy in this situation, as it aims to analyze and compare different websites based on factors like price, quality and number of services, customer reviews and testimonials and similar factors. A company comparison service is cost-effective, time-effective and it will help you choose the company that provides the best value for your money. Click the compare quotes now button bellow!


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